Thursday, 4 November 2010's proper job

Just posting my first blog 'live and direct' from Somerset. It's a great place to be - from Glastonbury Festival to Priddy Sheep Fair there's usually summit goin' on down in these here parts.

A whole month of Carnival is just kicking off which has to be seen to be believed. It's a massive evening for most of the towns around here - hundreds of illuminated floats featuring everything from space warriors to Young Farmers (oo aah) - loads of rural revellery and huge P.As.

Brand spanking new pier in Weston-Super-Mare - they've done a pretty good job and it looks quite like the old one. Indoor new super go-kart area is a must, still got the slot machines..wonder how much it costs to build a pier?

10 Things I Love About Somerset
1. It's the greenest county - check it out on Google satellite
2. Glastonbury Festival (again), oh & the Tor and groovy high street, OK & The Riflemans Pub

3. Burrow Hill 'Cider Bus' & Cider Brandy
4. Roads are only busy at about 8.30 am and 5pm!
5. Starlings flying in to roost at Westhay Nature reserve - magical
6. Hunter's Lodge at Priddy - popular with cavers, real ale and menu is cauli cheese, chilli or rolls...always, and a wry smile from Roger if you're lucky.
7. More dog walks than you could throw a stick at!
8. It's really near Cornwall.
9. OK running out of ideas about the accent, it be 'rite I 'spect me luver? Think Justin Lee Collins (although he's really from Bristol - say 'bristle' for authenticity.
10. Cows, specially the black & white ones.

There, think that's about it for now. Will let you know if you're missing anything.

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