Monday, 22 November 2010

The Love Keeps Growing....

Been spreading and receiving back lots of Somerset Love lately. Have been really pleased with the positive response to my new website which features premium Somerset goods & produce delivered to your door.

Most folks seem to think it's a good idea that should have been done before. After all, there's a lot of big tourism sites for Somerset, with lots of private and public funding behind them, as well as some fantastic individual sites from local independent producers. It's not a great leap to put the two together and offer a site that promotes local products and suppliers from the whole region, and taps into the interest generated by tourism/Glastonbury etc to a wider market.  Longer term, I very much hope to get backlinks from all the major Somerset tourist sites, as their market is similar to mine...we'll see how I get on.

Been talking to some really interesting characters in my quest to find the perfect products for my categories - was out at Burrow Hill Cider last week to chat to the inimitable Mr Temperley. Amazing cider brandy and aperitifs - tried the Kingston Black coming home to a warm fire on a frosty afternoon....bliss. Could only have a small one as was driving, a real shame, will go back with husband/driver!!

Still have a mountain to climb in terms of contacting suppliers/setting adverts/walking dog/children/whatever
and everyday seems to contain a steep learning curve.

No more time for blogging - time to save the world, or a bit of it anyway.

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